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William Jackson is an accomplished author, motivational speaker, life coach, and trainer. Since 2010, William has traveled the nation helping thousands of people tap into the power within to accomplish their purpose. His company, Iconic Industries Inc., has partnered with major corporations such as Microsoft, Delta Airlines, Marriott International, NAACP, and more to bridge the gaps of diversity and inclusion by appealing to the hearts, minds, and humanity of thousands of people. Iconic Industries, Inc. has also led the charge for these major corporations and more in advancing, and improving, how companies approach customer service, marketing and branding, and operational development from a global perspective. He has traveled the world inspiring international brands and corporations to rediscover the art of unifying the workplace. His masterclasses, along with his uniquely designed curriculum, empowers people to maximize every stage of life, love, and leadership. William’s created courses and material will walk any individual from any demographic into living their best life filled with tools that promote longevity. By using his captivating voice and life changing information, William has motivated the future leaders of tomorrow and inspired the leaders of today to extract to extract their true purpose, walk in their untapped power, and recognize their hidden potential. He is also the author of the bestselling literary work “When Life Happens”. Through this impactful body of work, William helps readers prepare for, matriculate through, and recover from life’s storms. The practical yet profound tools penned by Jackson will help real people, with real issues, matriculate through real life successfully.

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