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William Jackson is the author of the successful book "When Life Happens", and travels the world teaching people how to navigate life, both personally and professionally, successfully.

William Jackson is an accomplished author, motivational speaker, life coach, and trainer.


Williams’s gift for personal development, coaching and helping others find their purpose in life has him deemed by many one of the most passionate and visionary leaders of our time, and followers naming him one of the most influential leaders in personal growth.

When a sinus infection led to a stroke and paralysis, doctors gave him little to no chance of survival. Following two brain surgeries and learning how to perform every bodily function over again, he dedicates his life to ensure people overcome what he describes as "purpose paralysis", and discovers the freedom of living a fulfilled life. 

Over the last decade William has impacted tens of thousands of people through his books, masterclasses, podcast, seminars, speeches, and media appearances. He has been a contributor on several local and national shows to share his strategies for finding passion and living a life of purpose.


As an author, William released his debut bestselling literary work “When Life Happens” which has been described as “Life’s Playbook”. Through this impactful body of work, William helps readers prepare for, matriculate through, and recover from life’s storms. The practical yet profound tools penned by Jackson will help real people, with real issues, matriculate through real life successfully. His thought-provoking material will help anyone become better at handling Life when it happens.

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